Business Services

AMPD MKTG is the partner you want to help grow your practice. Unlike most marketing companies out there, AMPD MKTG specializes in marketing for medical and legal practices.

Marketing can seem like a whole different world from law or medical fields. With AMPD MKTG by your side, we take care of that uncertainty for you. We will provide you with transparent reporting that allows you to track your practice’s growth and see instant results.

Business Development

Branding Services

If you want to grow your business, it is essential to have a name that stands out. We will help you develop your identity, design your logo, and establish your brand in such a way, that you will attract potential clients.

Logo Design

Your logo is a visual representation of your practice. Potential clients will quickly identify your practice by your logo alone. It is the centerpiece of your branding design. We will design beautiful, stand out logos that accurately represent your business.

Website Design

Your website is where clients will go to learn everything there is to learn about your business. It should be aesthetically pleasing, informational and functional. We have dedicated designers that will deliver all that and more.

PR & Press Releases

PR supports clients in developing communications strategies that will drive knowledge and understanding of their business and services amongst their target audience. If you are looking to gain name recognition through top-of-mind awareness, we can help get you there.

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